Welcome to Naxos Group. 

Who are we?

Naxos Group is a dynamic team of Registered Building Practitioners, Project Managers & Building Professionals all dedicated in providing you with a seamless design & construction experience. Founded in 1986, Naxos Group has built an impressive portfolio of projects, covering all facets of residential construction. From bespoke homes, urban apartment complexes to heritage restorations, Naxos Group’s 30 years in the industry guarantees experience, knowledge and quality where it counts.

The team at Naxos Group believe in a collaborative approach, where you are part of the team, every step of the way. 

How can we help you?

Let us make your project a total success. From conceptual designs, construction, straight through to the maintenance of your new building project, we have every step of the journey covered.

Our professional services include:

  • Design / Architectural / Engineering Documentation
  • Town Planning Documentation
  • Fixed Price Construction
  • Cost-Plus Construction
  • Project Management
  • Post-construction routine maintenance

And yes, we can also build off your own plans too. 

What do we Build?

Everything residential. From New Homes, to Dual Occupancies, Townhouse Developments, Low-Rise Apartments and Heritage Restorations, our collective experience makes us the right choice for your next building project.

Your building team.